When the Tukul family relocated to mid-town Toronto, they imagined a comfortable home for themselves and their two young children — and at the same time, a fun and vibrant place to entertain their large circle of friends and family. Two designers, Goran Tijanic and Alexander-Sasha Josipovicz, helped them make that dream a reality.

The bright yellow color and fragrant scent of quince (like a mix of apples, rose petals, and lemon) was their jumping off point; their only guideline beyond that was to use lots of color, art, and unique furnishings. The sculptures, chandeliers and paintings that fill the Tukul’s condo are as animated and daring as the palette of colors on its furniture and walls: hot pink, purple, yellow and green. They call their home “Cardak,” after the mythical place that exists between the Earth and the Heavens, where only happy people live. Continue to read: HGTV.ca Creative Spaces